"Less than 5 % of all diseases today stem from single-gene disorders, whereas 95% of all illness is related to lifestyle choices, chronic stress, and toxic factors in our environment" (Dr. Bruce Lipton).

It sometimes takes a dramatic experience to make the conscious decision to savour life. Till the moment comes, life itself seems boundless.  I got my own wake-up call some years ago. From that point onwards, it became my goal to understand how our body's resources and the mechanisms of thought can affect health, and how a change in the right direction can contribute to live a richer and longer life. My research focuses on the benefits of optimal nutrition and exercise, and explores how the body communicates with the mind.
I am now ready to share the notes with you that help me keep a balanced and healthy approach to the challenges of our modern world.

You can expect a wide range of (scientific) publications on nutrition, physical fitness and mindfulness (some of which have carefully stayed buried and deserve far more recognition). I will also link you to must-see conferences and websites, show you it is possible to love exercise, talk about how chiropractic keeps me 'tuned' and yoga quiets my mind. From time to time I will upload images just because they make me feel good inside. Last but not least, I look forward to sharing anecdotal tid bits, posting a list of amazing books and my all-time favorite (primal) recipes -the kind I make again and again.

Above all, this blog is my way of expressing gratitude to the universe, to my teachers, dear friends, family and loving soul mate! Thank you for passing on your wisdom and showing me the way.