Guilt-Free Burger & Fries

If you thought that eating healthy meant kissing burgers and fries goodbye, I am happy to tell you you are wrong.

Try this version and you will not be disappointed. My husband grew up in the USA and ask him, he thought it was finger lickin' good!

What you need
•grilling pan
•baking sheet

Ingredients (per person)
•150 g of minced grass fed meat
•1 onion, sliced in rings and fried in a few drops of oil
•1 leaf of lettuce
•1 tbs of ketchup
•1 tbs of mayonnaise
•4 slices of cucumber
•1 portobello mushroom
•1/2 egg (1 per 3 will work too)
•salt & pepper
•2 tbs oil
•2 white carrots

What you do
•preheat the grilling pan to piping hot and add a few drops of oil to it
•salt and pepper the portobello mushroom and cook it on the grilling pan, approximately 4 minutes on each side
•add the egg, salt and pepper to the minced beef (and any other herb you might like) and shape the burger
•preheat the oven to 250°C
•wash the white carrots and slice them into fries
•put the fries in a baking sheet with some olive oil, salt and pepper and shove them into the oven
•cook the fries for approx. 40 min. Once in a while, open the oven and shake them around
•when the fries have 20 min. to go, cook your hamburger to your liking
•now stack your burger: take the mushroom, add a tsp of mayonnaise. Then place the lettuce leave on top. On top of that, I like to have the crunchy cucumber, then the burger, then some ketchup and lastly, the caramelized onions
•serve the fries on the side and enjoy!

•for the fries you can use any of the roots described in my post Potato Blues
I prefer to use all organic produce, specially when it comes to lettuce and ketchup.... Bugs just love tender leafy greens and growing it without any pesticides is a big challenge. So any leafy green that is high up there on the 'dirty dozen' list (such a lettuce), you want to choose organic as often as you can....
•most commercially produced ketchup has a lot of sugar and artificial colors. Please do read the label...
•if you don't have time to make your own mayo, whatever you do, do not go for the 'light' version; it will be filled with chemicals we cannot even pronounce!