Cod in a Flash

I cannot imagine a quicker way to prepare a nice piece of cod... You need almost nothing to have this baby on your plate and ready to eat in no time.

What you need
•frying pan
•a brush

Ingredients (per person)
•a nice piece of cod (150 to 200 g)
•2 tsp of (Dijon) mustard
Himalayan salt and freshly ground pepper
•20 g of almond scales
•1 tbs of good quality coconut oil

What you do
•heat up your pan and melt the coconut oil (do not let it smoke)
•take the cod, add ground pepper and crushed salt on both sides and then brush mustard all over
•now cover the cod in almond scales and carefully lay it in the pan
•cook for approximately 3-5 minutes (depending how thick your piece of cod is), then carefully turn it around. When it starts flaking, it is almost done.

•if the cod breaks up a little bit or part of the almond breading shifts around, do not panic. Your taste buds will not mind a single bit.