Red Perch with Anchovy Dressing

I must give it too him: Gordon Ramsay comes up with the most brilliant combinations! A few days ago I tried the anchovy dressing from his cookbook 100 % Ramsay with grilled red perch. Just amazing.
At first I, when I went over the ingredients, I was a bit sceptical. It just seemed like there was a lot of anchovy going into this dressing. And although I do love fish, I find the taste of anchovy quite overpowering, so I like to go easy on it.

What makes Gordon Ramsay's dressing such a welcome surprise to your taste buds, is the blend of anchovy with tarragon. I didn't entirely keep to Gordon's recipe. I increased the amount of tarragon considerably -which in my modest opinion, improved the balance of the ingredients.

This recipe is a total keeper. I recommend it with any kind of white grilled fish. If you double or triple the amounts, you can put in it a clean jar and store it in your fridge for convenience. That's is what I did!

What you need

Ingredients (dressing for 6 servings)
•50 g canned anchovy fillets
•1 clove of garlic, pressed
•1 tbs white wine vinegar
•100 ml virgin olive oil
•1 tbs fresh tarragon
•1 red perch fillet per person
•salt and pepper to taste

What you do
put all ingredients in your blender and press 'start'! (No need to add any salt nor pepper)
•make a couple of superficial horizontal cuts into the skin of the red perch
•season the white skin with salt and pepper
•preheat a grill pan with a bit of oil and cook the red perch skin down for approx. 3 min. or till  2/3 done. Then turn it around and cook it for another 30 sec.
•sprinkle the fish with some anchovy dressing or pour the dressing into a small bowl, allowing you to dip every single bite of fish as you go along. I vote for that!
•serve immediately