Last month a friend told me about Lifefood products. She has recently 'converted' to a paleo diet and needed a 'crutch' to wean off the bread and crackers.
I am usually very suspicious of processed food, no matter how 'healthy' they appear to be at first sight. But knowing how thorough my friend M. can be, I just knew I needed to check it out.

I ordered their crackers and got a few 'energy bars' for free, to try out.

I inspected the products and I could not find anything not healthy about them:

•they are 100% raw
•they have no (added) sugar
•they contain no grains
•they have no dairy

The taste of the energy bar and of the crackers is amazing.

There are a couple of drawbacks:

•the products are German and so far, the only 'local' distributors are within the European Community. So shipping costs and possible import taxes for you living outside Europe, will add up
•the products themselves are not particularly cheep either. A box of crackers (85 g) will set you back approx. Euro. 4,25

My advise: wean off the bread as quickly as you can and don't use crutches. Treat yourself to Lifefood products on a special occasion!