Tomatoes To Go

There are tomatoes and...tomatoes. If there is one vegetable in the world that cannot fool you and tell you it is organic and grew in the sun -when it has not- it must be this red fruit. Spread throughout the world after the Spanish colonization of the Americas, in cooler climates they grow in greenhouses -but can never measure up to the real thing.
They do belong to a variety of plants called 'nightshades' (just like eggplants and peppers) and to some people, they can cause health problems. Eat them sparingly.

What I love about tomatoes is that they are versatile and make the perfect side dish... in less than a minute.

•wash the tomato in medium hot water
•cut it in half
•sprinckle some Himalayan salt and fresh pepper
•drip some avocado oil over it (1)
•top it with a pinch of oregano

Here I served it with 100g of wild Sockeye salmon and a 2 egg omelet.

(1) Never tried avocado oil before? If you can find it at your local grocery store, do it today! The buttery, velvety taste is amazing, like no other oil you have ever tried before.