The Balancing Act

A few weeks ago I inaugurated my new juicer. Finding a balance between health benefits and flavor has been a bit of a challenge -specially while trying to please my husband. After some experimenting, I feel comfortable about starting to share my most successful combos, the ones that passed my hubby's test with flying colors!

Combo 1

•1 big carrot (or 2 medium/small ones)
•1 small red beet (or half of a big one)
•1 small dice of fresh ginger (peeled)
•1 orange (peeled)

•wash veggies under warm water (more effective than cold water in removing chemicals when the produce is not organic); better still, if not organic, remove skin all together
•cut the produce if needed and insert them in your juicer

This makes 2 small glasses or 1 bigger glass of fresh juice. The taste is amazing and what it does to your body, just priceless.