Scallops 101

A few years ago somebody gave me Gordon Ramsay's Ramsay 100% cookbook. Don't ask me why -maybe because the guy is so utterly rude and unpleasant? but I put the book on the shelf, between many other cookbooks, and forgot all about it.
A while ago I all of a sudden had the urge to reorganize my collection and came across 100% Ramsay. This time, I actually took the time to look at it properly. To my surprise I quite liked a few of his recipes. (By the way, the Dutch translation of Ramsay 100% is absolutely terrible and incorrect. I have seen this problem with many other translated cookbooks, such as Jamie Oliver's. So my advise, if possible, always get the original version).
My husband is crazy about scallops. I have tried different ways of preparing them and although he is always very grateful, I am never really satisfied with the result.

Scallops are can be really tricky. Lesson number one: do not buy them frozen! Scallops tend to soak up moisture (like mushroom like to do). So, besides loosing all their freshness and amazing taste, once you thaw them, I guarantee you will be left with a very disappointing version of a scallop-wannabe! If at all possible, get them in their shell.
Lesson number two: even when fresh, let them rest a few minutes on a paper towel before cooking them to get rid of any moisture they might have.
Lesson number three: there is a trick to cooking them. Look at Gordon's video and pay attention to the following pointers:
•the pan needs to be piping hot
•put some oil in the pan -but not too much
•put the first scallop in the pan at 12 'o clock, then at 1 'o clock and work the whole circle clock wise.
•once you are back at the top, you can start flipping the scallops in the same order; this if you cut them in half before putting them on the pan (see Gordon's video); I do not necessarily like them halved, so I wait about a minute or two, before I start flipping them over.
Do not overcook scallops! Like Gordon rightfully mentions in his video, they will become chewy.

Now that you have 'Scallops 101' down, you are ready to try this amazing recipe inspired by Gordon Ramsay.

What you need
•non-stick (heavy) sauce pan

Ingredients (for 4)
•24 scallops
•1 tbs of oil
•50 g of raisins
•50 g of capers
•1 tsp Marsala curry powder
•1/2 tsp crushed Himalayan salt

•wash and pat dry the scallops
•in a small pan, bring the raisins and drained capers to a boil with 100 ml of water
•boil for approx. 5 min., cool and then blend to a paste
•mix the crushed Himalayan salt and curry powder, and sprinkle the scallops with it on one side
•put the sauce pan on the stove and bring to medium heat
•pour 1 tbs of olive oil into the pan and when the oil is hot, place the scallops in the pan (curried side down) in a clockwise fashion (watch Gordon Ramsay do it)
•now sprinkle the top of the scallop with the curry/salt mix
•when the scallop flesh starts to crack at the bottom, it is the sign they are ready to be turned around (approx. 2 min). Do this clockwise and start at 12 'o clock
•serve and top with a tsp of raisin-caper pesto

•Depending on how big the scallops are and if you are serving them as an appetizer or a main dish, you can choose to either serve 6 or 3 per person and/or to half them...