Red Cabbage Slaw

Red cabbage is an amazing source of vitamins and minerals that will promote your well-being:
•it is low in fat
•it has anti-aging effects
•it is good for eyes and skin
•enhances immunity
•cleanses the body
•has anti-cancer agents

And don't you find it incredibly colorful and beautiful? One look at it and it makes me want to prepare it in some sort of way. That is sometimes tricky. Not everybody likes it cooked (me, for one, I definitely do not).

Here is a salad that passed the test of my friends, more than once. It is very simple, really fresh and tasty.

•half a head of red cabbage. Quartered, cored and shredded.
•2 Granny Smith apples. Cored and diced
•150 g of walnuts, quartered
•3 tbs of apple vinegar
•5 tbs of grape seed oil or extra virgin olive oil
•peper and (Himalayan) salt to taste

Putting it together
There is absolutely no science to it. Just toss all ingredients together and presto! Except I have a few tips for you:
•warming the walnuts in a pan will enhance the flavor. When the walnuts start releasing the 'nuttig' odor, they are ready. No need to 'roast' them. Let them cool down before adding them to the salad
• the red cabbage will need at least an hour to 'absorb' the flavors of the dressing and nuts, so make sure to toss and mix all ingredients well, a little while before serving
•add the apple at the very end. Red cabbage has the tendency to turn everything red....