Airplane Survival Kit

So, you are taking a trip by airplane.... You will need to prepare, because you will find absolutely nothing healthy, paleo, let alone organic on your tray.
Flying a North American airline? All the more reason to plan your meal(s)!

Here are a few ideas that will keep you in check, are easy to stash in your carry-on luggage and will pass security no problemo. Fill up your zip-locks and you are set to go!

  • a hard boiled egg;
  • smoked salmon (mackerel or eal)
  • a slice of Nutty Autumn Loaf 
  • a piece of cooked left-over fish or (game) meat
  • sliced fresh fruit
  • sliced carrots and cucumber
  • mixed nuts
  • dates, dried prunes and/or dried figs
  • + 70% dark chocolate

For flights to the USA, remember that the perishables you took with you and did not finish, will have to stay on board when you de-plane.