Green Thirst Quencher

Living where we live (Western Europe), drinking (a lot of) alcohol is 'normal'. Actually if you don't join in, people ask you what is wrong with you, if you are on a strict diet or are taking medicine.
It is so 'main stream' that none of us even think 'we' drink a lot. But most of us do, I know that for a fact. 
So what is a lot, right? 'A lot' is different for everybody. But if you wake up feeling even a light headache, with less energy than usual, your stomach is maybe a bit upset and your intestines inflamed ... In my book, that sounds like your body is at least a bit intoxicated... 
I can feel like that after even after 2 glasses of wine.. Yep, I am a light weight.

Putting up a fight against drinking social pressure is very difficult, I know. Specially in countries where when you go out, the only alternative to having an alcoholic drink is having Coca-Cola or Sprite! 

So if you decide to drink less or not to drink alcohol at all (for a while or for ever) it could be difficult at first. So you need to arm yourself with some creativity. Here is a concoction that will pamper your body and I can guarantee your 'alcoholic drinking' buddies will want to have, when they see you having it!

•1/3 pineapple juice, 1/3 coconut water, 1/3 (sparkling) mineral water
•1 thin slice of lime
•1 fresh mint twig
•crushed ice

Use organic produce. Your body will thank you for it, eventually :-D