Red Cabbage Salad Caleidoscope

I am a sucker for cooking TV programmes. Specially around Christmas time. Mostly, I get a bit irritated about how unhealthy all the presented recipes are. But I am always curious to learn something new and to find out what the latest 'trend' is. This past season, it was all about 'how simple and fast' it is to prepare a Christmas meal. 
Nigella is usually not much better that most of the over sized chefs I see on TV. Except this Christmas she did show us a fresh and healthy red cabbage salad that I pinned down. I love red cabbage but I feel I am always short of original ideas on how to incorporate it.

I tried this particular recipe different times since the beginning of December's a keeper!

I have one comment I would like to add -for those whom also watched the BBC programme: in the programme, Nigella says it is one the salads one can prepare a couple of hours in advance, and still keep it's crispyness... Well, yes indeed, although there is a but. You can prepare it even a day in advance, if you would want to, provided you mix the vegetables but add the dressing at the very last minute...

(good for a side dish for 10)
•half a red cabbage, thinly sliced;
•4 big or 6 small spring onions (trimmed and sliced in 4 cm long batons);
•2 red peppers (seeds and membranes removed; sliced in thin 4 cm long strips);
1 yellow pepper (seeds and membranes removed; sliced in thin 4 cm long strips);
1 orange pepper (seeds and membranes removed; sliced in thin 4 cm long strips);
•1 red chili pepper (seeds and membranes removed; diced);
•100 g fresh coriander leaves;
•juice of 2 limes (zest and juice of one; juice of half het second one);
•250 ml pineapple juice (fresh, no additives please!);
•1 1/2 tbsp Himalayan salt (crushed);
•2 tsp sesame oil;
•2 tsp maple syrup (honey or agave are good alternatives);

What you do
•toss all vegetables (except the chili pepper and coriander leaves) in a large bowl;
•mix all the remaining ingredients in a small bowl;
•a little while before serving (30 min.) add the dressing and coriander leaves to the vegetables and mix.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for your health to choose organic produce! If you cannot find it or you cannot afford it, please do wash all your products thoroughly (with warm water) to remove as much chemicals and wax residue as you can, before consumption.