Stuffed Tomatoes

Here is a super-easy, super-healthy dish to either add to a buffet, to serve as your appetizer dish of a multi-course meal or take to friends when they invite you over for drinks and finger food! It's versatile and fast to prepare.

Also, I bet you can make it with the ingredients you have in your cupboard! No need to go out and shop for 'that one thing you are missing'!

(makes 10 small tomatoes or 8 medium sized ones)
2 cans of cooked tuna in water
(needless to say that fresh tuna grilled at home will always taste better and be healthier...)
•2 Tbs of home made or organic mayonnaise
•20 calamata or (black) olives (pit removed) + 10 more for decoration
•1 medium red onion
•pinch of Himalayan rock salt and freshly ground pepper

What you do
•Cup the top of the tomatoes and removed all seeds and flesh
•Turn the tomatoes upside down and let them drain all extra fluids (approx. 10 min.)
•In the meantime, put the tuna, onion, mayonaise in a food processor and grind to a paste;
•Now add salt and pepper to taste and mix;
•Add the 20 calamata olives and blend for just a second (you want the black calamatas to show in your mix and give it structure);
•Finely stuff the tomatoes and decorate with a black olive on the top.