Easy Thai Prawns

Living in the Netherlands has given me exposure to great Thai cuisine. And although to some of us it might seem impossible to accomplish a good Thai dish at home, it is easier than you think to get close to the real thing.

will serve 4 to 6 
•4 small onions
•1 kg of raw prawns
•1 tbs of (Pataks's) mild curry paste
•4 medium sized tomatoes, washed
•400 ml of coconut cream
•2 tbs coconut oil
•1 handful of fresh coriander, chopped
•4 Thai basil leaves (preferably fresh)

What you do
•our onions are quite small so I peeled and chopped 4 (adjust the amount depending on how big yours are);
•heat the coconut oil in a big pan (I love using my paella pan); preferably one that looks good enough to bring to the table;
•add the chopped onions and cook in medium heat until translucent;
•add the curry paste and stir till all the herbs in the paste start releasing their wonderful smells (give or take a minute); add the tomatoes, diced
•once the tomatoes are cooked (this might take apron. 5 to 10 minutes), add the coconut cream and the basil leaves
•as soon as the ingredients have come together, add the prawns and let it all simmer for approx. 10 minutes;
•just before the prawns are done (initially grey, their color will turn orange), add the chopped coriander

•Serve with something 'neutral', such as steamed yams, celery root or white carrot. I try to avoid rice but I do have it once in a blue moon. Needless to say this dish goes great with it, specially steamed basmati rice!
•'Patak's' is a very well known brand for amazing curry paste.
•If you cannot find Thai basil leaves, try 'regular' basis leaves. Not quite the same, but it comes close....
•if you have the choice, pick coconut cream above coconut 'milk'. But most importantly, make sure it has no 'additives'... It just ruins the healthiness of the products and that is a shame....