Fancy Avocado Goodness

My mother used to make these whenever we had guests, to spoil them I guess. They were considered quite a fancy bite when I was small.
It doesn't take long to prepare and the dish has the added plus of being full of health benefits. For one, the avocado is an amazing superfruit, an excellent source of 'good' fats. Add shrimp, which like any fish, it has tons of vitamine B12, omega-3, protein and selenium and you are eating goodness. I do recommend to be critical about farmed shrimp. If possible, avoid it totally.

(for 4)
•2 ripe avocados
•1 tbs (of preferably) home made mayonnaise
•1 tbs (of preferably) home made ketchup
•1 tbs of whiskey
•300 g of wild small shrimp

What you do
•mix the mayonnaise, ketchup and whiskey
•cut the avocados in half and remove the pit
•drain and dry the shrimp then add the sauce to it
•fill the avocados and serve chilled