Bacon & Eggs for Multitasking Kitchen Queens

I am sure you have been faced with the problem of preparing bacon and eggs for a big group before. Even if you are the best multitasking kitchen queen, it is almost impossible to expedite 12 eggs with a side of bacon at the same time without letting half get cold and the other half overcook.

A few months ago while visiting dear friends in Denmark, Johs H. showed me a simple way to make perfect eggs with crispy bacon for 12, stress free.

This method will allow you to bring all eggs and bacon to the table perfectly al dente. A fun side effect is everybody will also compliment the presentation!

What you need
•muffin baking tray for 12

(for 12 servings)
•24 thin strips of organic bacon
•12 eggs

What you do
•turn the oven to 200°C
•line the inside of each muffin mold with bacon
•crack an egg inside of each muffin mold
•put the tray inside the oven and bake for approx. 10-15 min.

•if your bacon has a lot of fat, remove excess fat from the strip before lining the muffin tray
•smoked salmon (instead of bacon) works really well! So does ham....
•keep an eye on the eggs... You know best how cooked you like them....

Thank you Johs for sharing your secret!