Carrot Summer Salad

Carrot & egg salad is one of the most common salads where I come from, Argentina. You find it in every single restaurant and it is prepared in every household. There, it needs no introduction.

There is nothing fancy nor complicated about it. But where I live, in the Netherlands, it is a very rare combination. So that makes it 'special'.
Most of my friends look skeptical at first, when I put it on the table. But after tasting it, they all love it!

What you need
•food processor  or
•a grater with a pair of strong hands

Ingredients (makes a side dish for 6 persons)
•750 g of organic carrots; washed and then grated
•3 organic eggs, hard boiled
•5 tbs of virgin olive oil
•3 tbs of cider or white wine vinegar

What you do
•toss the grated carrot in a salad bowl
•now chop up the hard boiled eggs and add it to the carrots
•crush some Himalayan salt and pepper on it
•now add the oil and vinegar and toss