Salsa Verde

Now that our climate is heating up, I like to spend more time outside in the garden -and less in the kitchen. So lately, I am all about practicality!
This green gem will enliven any plane-Jane fish in no time.
You will find many recipes for 'salsa verde' (green sauce), the typical Italian topping that can complement any kind of white fish, whether it has been previously grilled or baked in a pan or oven. I quite like this traditional one.
Even though salsa verde will peak in taste when it is freshly made, I find it keeps very well in the fridge for quite some weeks -specially if stored in a clean jar you can seal.

Ingredients (for at least 8)
•a fist full of fresh parsley leaves, washed
•a fist full of fresh basil leaves, washed
•4 anchovy fillets (tinned) or 4 tsp of anchovy paste
•2 tbsp of capers
•2 medium garlic cloves
•9 pitted green olives (preferably previously marinated in garlic)
•1 tbsp of white wine vinegar
•250 ml extra virgin olive oil
•salt and pepper

What you do
•put all the ingredients into a food processor (except for the salt and pepper) and...process!
•taste and add some pepper (salt if needed)
•remove the white fish from the oven pan or grill and apply some salsa verde on top before serving

This recipe is just a basis for your own creation. Play with the balance of tastes adding more basil that parsley (or the other way around) or by making it more runny (add more olive oil and vinegar but keep the proportions). O try it with different kinds of olives. The sky is the limit!