Potato Blues

What I hear very often from my friends is that they miss their potatoes, rice, bread and pasta so much, that following a healthy diet is just too much to handle.
There are a couple of ways to deal with the potato blues, all at your finger tips. Have a look around.
Check out the vegetables that will help you forget all about the french fries and pasta bolognese.  All of the ones listed below have a low glycemic index and because of it, get the thumbs up to either bake in the oven or mash.

•sweet potato
•celery root
•white carrot
•(butternut) squash

Peel the tuber and then bake in the oven with some oil, pepper and (Himalayan) salt. Or steam the vegetable, mash it, and add some almond milk. Then pour in a few drops of good quality virgin olive oil to enrich the taste. Salt, pepper and voila! Or add coconut milk to your pure (instead of almond milk and olive oil). That will work beautifully too and give it an exotic twist!
Be adventurous, experiment and try putting in additional herbs and not just to enhance flavor...  Check out their incredible medicinal qualities:

(these go best with vegetables prepared with olive oil)
(for mash prepared with coconut milk)