Blueberries are wonderful and because of their health benefits (they are high on anti-oxidants), you want to include them in every breakfast bowl!
They are more affordable at the end of the summer. My friend Janine tought me a simple method to 'hamster' them:

•wash the blueberries thoroughly (specially if they are not organic!);
•lay them down on a table cloth on your kitchen counter, well spread out (not on top of each other);
•when they are completely dry, put them on a tray (or Tupperware lid) and carefully slide them in your freezer (making sure they do not touch each other);
•within an hour (or less) they will be hard as a rock and completely frozen. You can now transfer them to a freezer zip-lock bag that will keep them fresh for months.

Sometimes (organic) farms will let you pick your own blueberries at the end of the summer (for a small price). Can you imagine a better way to spend a few hours in the fields and be in touch with nature? And just think of the thrill of picking your own fruit -and avoid the local store from plucking your wallet!
Look for farms in your neighbourhood.

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Fruit of Life (Dwingeloo, NL)
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