Thousand and One Nights

In Buenos Aires, where I come from, the Armenian community is quite big. I am a great fan of their delicious food. Whenever in town, we all go to the Armenian school in Palermo. Every Friday, the mothers of the graduating class will cook all day and open the school's cafeteria in the evening to serve traditional home made meals. They do this to raise money for their children, so at the end of the school year, they can afford the traditional 'graduating trip' together.
Teenagers wait the tables, while their smaller brothers and sisters go around selling tickets for a raffle. The food is so unbelievably fresh, colorful and yummy that the place has become quite popular, to the point that if want to be sure of a spot, you need to reserve a table way ahead of time. It is always packed!
One of my favorite dishes is what in Argentina gets listed in the menu as 'Ensalada Belén'.

(for a side dish for 4)
3 egg plants
•2 red peppers
•100 grams of raisins
•100 grams of cashew nuts
•pinch of salt
•3 tbs of virgin olive oil
•1 tbs of apple cider vinegar
•2 x 1 tbs of coconut oil (for cooking)

Getting it done
•cut the egg plant and the red peppers in cubes of similar size;
•stir fry the egg plant and the red peppers (separately) in some coconut oil till tender and then let it all cool down;
•combine the vegetables with the cashew nuts and the raisins. Add the virgin oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt.